"Cast your fears on God and he will sustain you..." (Psalm 55:22)

"For nothing is impossible with God" (Luke 1:37)

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Still nothing to report. Struggling with whether to POAS or not but not sure I am ready for any disappointments so another day rolls along.

DH and I are considering a non-medicated or natural IVF cycle if this cycle does not work. I haven't yet researched the mechanics of how such a cycle works but I think that it involves constant monitoring to see how your egg is developing and when it is about 18-20, you will be given a trigger shot to release the egg from the follicle. RE will basically retrieve using the same method as he does in regular IVF and DH will provide his "sample" and you wait to hear whether there was fertilization or not. The primary difference is that you are doing this "sans" all the regular IVF medications.

As I mentioned earlier, I have fibroids as well as endometriosis and both do not respond well to most of the medication that is given during a regular IVF cycle. The high doses of estrogen can lead to increased growths in both Fibroids and Endometriomas. My RE will probably fight this decision but I think it's the best one for my optimal long term health.

This post is not in any way intended to be critical of IVF protocols but simply to share our plans and why we are opting to go this route.

On a positive note, Easter is almost here and the weather will be lovely, so time to dust off the worries of winter and embrace the beauty of Spring...new life and that's what I am praying is happening within me right now...new life.....

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  1. You are sooo close! Hang in there :)

    Do you think you will POAS?