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Friday, March 19, 2010

FET and more

It's been a few weeks since I have posted but we are preparing for round 2 of IVF #1 which is an FET. For those new to infertile world, this means Frozen Embryo Transfer. It's a bit easier on the body but definitely harder on the bum :(

My protocol includes taking 2 estrogen pills 3x/day. I'm not really crazy about doing this as I think it could have future dire consequences but it is done to help the endometrium develop into a nice moist cushiony (not sure if this is a word but nevertheless it stays...) bed for the little one.

I also continue with my folic acid, prednisone, baby aspirin and the dreaded PIO ( progesterone in oil) OUCHHHH!!!! This is an intramuscular shot and boy you feel it for hours. Because it is oil based, it does not dissolve very easily and can form huge lumps which then become painful. I have been hobbling for the last week and the heating pad is my constant companion, at least until tomorrow night when the FET is performed. Embryos do not respond well to scents and heat so as of tomorrow cold showers and I will have to find another way to deal with my sore bum. If we do succeed and have a BFP, I will have to continue with the shots until the end of the first trimester and possibly even the second...Nice :(

Last night hubby and I went to our first Infertility Group meeting. As soon as I noticed the box of tissues prominently placed in the middle of the room, I knew this was going to be tough and it was. There were lots of tears and the occasional rant and lots of husbands who dutifully collected tissues for the sobbing wives and partners. Despite our initial trepidation, in the end it felt really good to be there and bond with the other couples. I have made two connections and hopefully we can support each other through this journey, because only another infertile (and my sister) can truly understand the loss that you feel each month when the dreaded Aunt Flo makes her visit.

On another note, I had an acupuncture treatment today and as usual fell asleep on the table. Still trying to decide whether it is the treatment or the music. Another is scheduled for tomorrow after the transfer and then home to bed for 48 hrs, longer if hubby had the final say. I don't think it is necessary to stay in bed for the entire week. we did that the last time and alas, BFN. I will return to work on Monday, work a shorter day and come home and rest. I feel physically fine except for the bum :) so here's hoping that all goes well tomorrow.

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